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Barney’s Beanery Los Angeles

Barney’s Beanery

Holding the title as the third oldest restaurant in Los Angeles, Barney’s Beanery brings over eighty years of history to the people of West Hollywood.

As one of the last standing of the original roadhouses built along Route 66, Barney’s truly is an American icon. We are World Famous for our Chili and Burgers and known for being a favorite spot of movie stars, rock stars, writers, and artists from every decade since the 1920’s. We’ve been featured in films, documentaries, television shows, books, and been the subject of art and sculpture. If you’re ever near West Hollywood – be sure to come and experience Barney’s yourself.

Barney’s Beanery opened in 1920 and since then has expanded and changed, yet maintained it’s original appeal to the public. The wonderful atmosphere is largely created by the rich history of the restaurant. People such as Janis Joplin, who was rumored to have her last drink here, and Jimi Hendrix have dined at Barney’s. The original hood over the stove that was used at Barney’s over 80 years ago can still be seen in the restaurant. Known as the third oldest restaurant in the city of Los Angeles, the name Barney’s Beanery was derived from the era of the depression when the restaurant used to serve beans on route 66. By combining the past and the present, Barney’s Beanery creates the inviting atmosphere that attracts so many people.

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