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Barrymore’s Music Hall Ottawa

Can you believe it’s been almost 40 years since Barrymore’s Music Hall first opened its doors in Ottawa? Renovated way back then from a theater built during the early years of the 20th century, this insane venue has been continuously catering to music lovers in the city for many years. Having hosted some of the hottest artists and the best parties in the world for decades, this spot has earned its reputation as one of the most important music venues throughout Ontario.
True to its classic ambiance and its history as one of the city’s biggest music venues, Barrymore’s décor will bring you right back to simpler times, with amazing woodwork around the ceiling, with a design that’s sure to enhance your experience.
Barrymore’s has become a staple in the Ottawa music scene for many years, and with good reason: between the many artists coming to this venue, hot parties like the traditional retro nights every week (Sundays are 80’s night and Thursdays are 90’s nights, and have been for ages), a choice between the fully stocked bar or great bottle service for you to enjoy the evening, this is definitely a place where you can make everlasting memories!
Whether you’re coming to this iconic Ontario venue to partake in a wild night of partying during the weekend or to celebrate a big night like New Year’s Eve, you won’t be sorry you chose Barrymore’s to cater to your needs: great music is always waiting for you here. Don’t miss the opportunity to revel in a venue that has seen it all, with a staff that will help you make the best out of your live music experience, whenever you’re looking to party.
Be part of the most exhilarating music venue in Ottawa, with live performances by the best local and international artists!

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Barrymores Halloween Charity Ball 2012 (10/27/2012) @ Barrymores Music Hall
Barrymore’s Music Hall, Ottawa