Bathurst Street Theatre

Bathurst Street Theatre
Fast forward to March 2001, the academy outgrew its Gloucester Street location, and moved into the more spacious Bathurst Street Theatre in the heart of
's trendy Annex neighbourhood. Randolph saw the move as the essential to filling the one key component that was missing in
's development as a world class performing arts training facility, and that was the need for a signature building.

The Bathurst Street Theatre has more to it than meets the eye.

In 1862, a church was built with the seating capacity of 1200, which sometimes was not large enough to hold all the people who wanted to pray there. In 1968, the congregation had declined to 60, and the


, with a strong interest in theatre realized there was a need for one in the community and decided to convert the church into a theatre, They took out 600 seats, put in an open stage and made the church a theatre.

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