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Bâton Rouge is an experience in itself: superb cuisine, of course, but also the ambience that graces each of its restaurants. Whether you wish to spend intimate moments with someone you love, renew old friendships, or get together with your family, Bâton Rouge promises you nothing less than perfection, at the restaurant and on your plate.
Cuisine with a Louisiana Touch. Our famous ribs. Juicy and ample, they are the star of our menu and the basis of Bâton Rouge’s reputation. But we also offer tender charcoal-grilled cuts of beef and fresh fish, crisp salads full of Louisiana sunshine, and exquisite appetizers that will whet your palate. Bâton Rouge creates recipes full of flavour from top-quality ingredients to satisfy your hearty appetite.


The Bâton Rouge concept is a true success story based on winning factors: first-rate quality and an overall experience that is consistently good from one restaurant to the next. We believe in this philosophy and know that it is the reason for our customers’ high level of satisfaction. That’s why we could never compromise the quality of our food, the service in our dining rooms, or the ambience that graces each of our many restaurants.

The story begins with the opening of our first restaurant, in Laval. Right away, our concept set itself apart from the competition. Our founders attended to every detail: colours, textures, lighting, food quality, precision of recipes, presentation of dishes, service. They designed a menu rich in variety to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. To ensure a high standard of quality and freshness, they unanimously agreed to prepare all the food on site.

The popularity of Bâton Rouge restaurants quickly took off. Today our 18 franchises located throughout the provinces of Québec and Ontario can accommodate on average 230 diners each (7,000 to 9,000 square feet). Each new location is carefully selected in order to draw in a diverse clientele. The company seeks strategic growth rather than aggressive expansion in order to maintain the very essence of its concept. Bâton Rouge is part of the Pizza Delight family of restaurants.

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