Beach Club

Beach Club

When it comes to the Montreal party scene, there is nothing like Le Beach Club Montreal.

When chilly weather lingers for the majority of the year, summertime in Canada can be precious. Montreal partygoers definitely know how to make full use of a few months of beautiful weather and Canada’s amazing freshwater beaches at Le Beach Club Montreal.

Montreal Beach Club

Though Le Beach Club in Montreal is famous for its all-age activities throughout the week, on weekends it’s known for hosting some of Montreal’s hottest and sexiest events of the summer. Thousands of people converge on this sandy haven to swim, soak up the sun and get into some skimpy outfits as the party spirit is always in full-effect at Beach Club Pointe Calumet. Just 30 minutes from the city, thousands of people come to celebrate every weekend and the full spring break sprit is in full effect at every La Beach Club event.

Montreal Beach Club is one of most beautiful beach atmospheres in the Montreal area, capable of hosting up to 5,000 guests and has been known to fill to capacity. Beautiful weather and long weekends bring scantily-clad people in droves and massive music festivals including the annual Ibiza festival, Sundance Festival, Autofest are popular yearly attractions. Le Beach Club Montreal features two large patios, two beaches, its own pool, and a multitude of other beach sports and other water activities. Guests are invited to take part in wakeboarding, waterskiing, swimming, waterslides, volleyball, or simply watch while lounging on the beach or a nearby patio.

But with the amount of sexy partygoers and barely-there swimsuits, people-watching may be the most popular activity of all at Le Beach Club Montreal.

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