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Beatstreet Records

Beat Street was established in 1996 by cofounders DJ Avi Shack & Wes Kuitenbrouwer.

Beat Street started as a small used record store in the suburbs of Vancouver, specialising in rare grooves, beats & breaks, and has grown to become a mecca for urban DJ’s, sample hungry producers, and collectors of all types of records.

Beat Street moved to downtown Vancouver in 1999 and opened it’s second store in 2002, specialising in DJ records, DJ equipment and accessories. Later that year, Beat Street opened its online store: , exposing the world to Canada’s deepest crates. In September 2004 Beat Street, moved to its current location on West Hastings Street, with over 3000 square feet quickly filled up to the rafters with vinyl. After years of serving the DJ community in Vancity at Granville and Robson, it was time to get outta the hole in the wall and move to a bigger, more comfortable space. This means more space for you to move around, more space for records, and best of all – air conditioning!

The new location is off the hook. 20 foot ceilings, plenty of space to move about, all records in record bins with lots of breathing rooms, a bigger and better CD section, record bags, t-shirts, magazines, toys, record needles/cartridges, portable turntables, turntables, and all all styles of music.

We take pride in providing great customer service, knowledgable staff, and an incredible selection of both new and used records with well over 100,000 pieces in stock. Beatstreet carries all types of music for all types of people, with new records arriving weekly.

Hours of operation:

Sunday 12pm » 6pm PST

Monday 12pm » 6pm PST

Tuesday 12pm » 6pm PST

Wednesday 12pm » 8pm PST

Thursday 12pm » 8pm PST

Friday 12pm » 8pm PST

Saturday 12pm » 8pm PST

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