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Big Five Club Miami

The Big Five Club has a rich history in South Florida. Former members of five of Havana’s most prestigious clubs bought the tract of land in 1967, in what was then a stretch of scrubland in unincorporated Dade off Southwest Eighth Street and 92nd Avenue.

But its early incarnation looked nothing like the elegant social clubs of old Havana. The original structure was little more than a modest house, the grounds offering few activities save for the occasional family picnic.

That changed, of course. As the Big Five members pooled their resources, and new members of a rapidly increasing Cuban population arrived in Miami, the club swelled both in membership and prestige. By 1971, the club had cobbled together more parcels of land to create a 21-acre campus.

Ballrooms were built, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool and baseball field added — as was a well-appointed bar, dining room, squash and tennis courts.

The Big Five Club continues to offer its members an atmosphere where family values and the development of our children is the primary goal. Our extreme attention to detail will be what sets us apart from all other venues and what we know will have our clients and members coming back again and again.

We are honored to be able to give our guests and members the best service and quality possible. At The Big Five Club we have one common goal which is to succeed at what we do and make everyone who comes in through our doors feel at home.

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