Bigfoot Lodge

Bigfoot Lodge

Inside the Bigfoot Lodge, patrons will find faux log walls, forest trees, a nine-foot Sasquatch, and a jukebox along with a nice selection of vodkas and signature drinks.

HAPPY HOUR from 3 pm - 7 pm daily, seven days a week. $1 off all drinks!


MONDAY: 3 pints of Sierra Nevada starting at 7 pm

3 Kamikaze (shots or cocktails) starting at 7 pm

WEDNESDAY: BRING YOUR OWN IPOD NIGHT! Here's the Rules... 1. Program your On the Go or a playlist for a 25-30 min set. 2. Sign-up on the list available at the DJ booth. 3. Hope you picked good music so Abel doesn't GONG YOUR ARSE!!! $4 Cosmopolitans starting at 7 pm

THURSDAY: 2 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon and $3 house whiskey starting at 7 pm

FRIDAY & SATURDAY Open from 3 pm-2 am

SUNDAY Open from 3 pm-2 am

The Scene
Located on an unassuming block, this offbeat find is like something out of David Lynch's kooky "Twin Peaks." The bumpy walls give the interior a log-cabin feel, with peculiar taxidermy to boot. Patrons sit at stools surrounding a winding wood bar, which boasts turntables and a TV that may be airing kitschy flicks (sometimes augmented with foreign subtitles). Above the bar, fake flames flicker behind miniature trees and chalkboards reveal rotating drink specials. Toward the back, a giant sasquatch stands near a faux fireplace.

The Draw
Adventuresome travelers and natty locals come here for the kitsch. Barmaids sport form-fitting Girl Scout shirts and sling specialty cocktails, while a mostly rock-and-roll soundtrack sets the pace (Beck, White Stripes). Patrons can reminisce while drinking Girl Scout Cookies, which taste like actual Thin Mints.

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