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Blended Basement Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — The Blended Group and Downtown LA’s, Belasco have
teamed up to bring the iconic venue to a different level, literally. Belasco is a three story venue
that currently attracts over 2,500 party goers with access to the 2nd and 3rd floors. However,
The Blended Group plans to change that.
Opening it’s doors to Belasco’s Basement on Saturday, April 7th, The Basement will be
exclusive to our loyal patrons, industry guests and VIP friends. Guests of The Basement will be
granted access through a back entrance that guides them directly to The Basement but will be
granted access throughout the entire club. To enter The Basement, guests must be wearing a
special wristband. The Basement will be open until 3AM or until our last guest leaves.
The Basement holds approximately 400-500 additional guests, has a fully equipped bar, a
stage, a dance floor, separate bathrooms with premium bottle service and tables available. It is
truly, a club within a club.

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