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Bloor Cinema Toronto

Bloor Cinema

One of the biggest single theatres in Toronto, the Bloor Cinema is to movie houses as King Kong is to monkeys. Now under new management, the 80-year landmark has gone through some heavy renovations, and, re-modeled and re-painted, has regained some of its art deco charm. The new Bloor has an improved snack bar (complete with espresso machine), new seats on the main level and has upgraded its projection and stereo sound systems. Upstairs, the second snack bar has been torn out and replaced with a small lounge area, and the balcony seats (including the twin "love seats") have also been fixed up. The Bloor screens a mix of cult, classic and limited-release films, along with a good number of second- and third-run Hollywood movies, and is also a popular site for film fests, special screenings and midnight shows that often have ’em lined up around the block. Located in the ever-trendy Annex neighborhood, the Bloor is surrounded by several cafes, pubs and eccentric little shops. Parking is available at a few local lots and on nearby sidestreets.

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