United States: 415-573-0740

Bohemia Bar & Bistro San Francisco


Our bar is well stocked and waiting for you.

Whether you’re looking for a great European pilsner,

a premium merlot, or an “orgasm”, we’re here to meet your needs.

A great place to party with your friends and make some new ones

San Francisco’s House of Love

The Bohemia Lounge has two floors, both about 3000 Square Feet.

The upstairs lounge consists two spacious rooms, one 1000 Square Feet, the other 2000.

The larger upstairs rooms has lots of couches for lounging or just hanging out.

Our Facilities Include:

• Full bar on each floor

• 3 jukeboxes

• Pool Table on each floor

• Ping Pong

• Foosball

• Pinball

• Fireplace

• Sound System

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