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Bond Lounge Houston

Bond Lounge

Welcome to Bond lounge Events. Every week we will feature upcoming events in this space. Scroll on the right to find out more about the event’s performers, promoters, and special guest appearances. Click on the corresponding flyer to view the e-vites for each of our weekly parties. Thinking of coming to join us for the weekend. Want to stay informed about events, simply register and or subscribe to our mailing list. You’ll be among the first to know about special events and guest appearances. Know you’re coming for sure, try filling out our online reservation request form. We’ll review it and contact you if we can accommodate you and your party. Come and experience the newly designed Bond night club.

The club offers many amenities such as it’s VIP bottle service. In addition to the beautiful landscape of this venue and it’s "toasty" amenities, the club has acquired some of best veteran DJs from Houston and from around the country. With DJ Alex C, DJ Inzi, DJ Bizz and DJ Red, Bond has enlisted some of the best. Bond is certainly one of the most exuberant bars in the city and I would definitely recommend this venue for any day of the week.

Bond Lounge is always fresh, always inviting. Every year we turn out a new look, we go under the knife and emerge better that before, Previous years have garnered critical attention, the lounge has been celebrated and featured in various design magazines. This year we’ve had the benefit of the club owners themselves turning out a great concept. the space is now one that is constantly evolving, the walls and the displays change colores to match the mood of the music or party. The lighting is spectacular and the parties, well needless to say, they are still as great as ever. If you’re interested in booking the space for your next event, we urge you to contact us, do not hesitate to call, we’re more approachable than others might lead you to believe, just because we cater to Houston’s elite does not mean we’re inaccessible. Contact us to discuss your needs, applicable rates, and available services. Together, we can work to make your event a huge success. We’ll make sure you tap into the right market.

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Stylish Thursday (9/28/2006) @ Bond Lounge
Bond Lounge, Houston
Stylish Thursday (9/7/2006) @ Bond Lounge
Bond Lounge, Houston