Boom Boom Room

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A Diamond in the rough turned “Jeweled Crown” BOOMBOX is the perfect local spot that looks and sounds like a big south beach club, yet provides that intimacy of a stylish lounge. Per square foot, it has one of the best audio systems on the beach boosting a Turbo Sound Install and a funky retro 80’s décor complete with several actual vintage boombox radio’s and a graffiti art-styled murals throughout the venue. Even the bar itself looks like the platter of the esteemed Technics 1200 turntable! Open 6/7 days a week from 10pm to 5am; BoomBox features feature a variety of distinct musically themed nights ranging from Old School Hip-Hop & Reggae, to Indy Punk & Retro, to House & Techno, each on a different night, featuring many of Miami’s hottest DJs. All races, classes, and sexual types welcome........... So, C U on the Dancefloor