Bootsy Bellows


David Arquette and Brian Toll are the brains and pockets behind the stand out Bootsy Bellows.

David was born in Winchester, Virginia to the talented Arquette family. Before coming to his position as partner in the nightlife scene, Arquette was a director, actor, writer, producer, designer, WCW world heavyweight champion. David acted in multiple guest spots on T.V. shows before reaching mainstream recognition for his role in Scream. Arquette has since been a character in video games, directed The Tripper (later adapted into a comic book), created a clothing brand and has even proved to be a musician. He has also been host of Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, a lounge and theater with a vaudeville theme that has created a new genre for nightlife in Los Angeles.

Arquette now acts as chair of the entertainment council for Feeding America, a relief organization. He often takes the stage to emcee at Bootsy Bellows, the club/gourmet restaurant that shares his own mother’s stage name.

Brian Toll, a Los Angeles native, is a well-known and highly respected entrepreneur who has cultivated his passion for the entertainment and hospitality business in his hometown. As a student at the University of Southern California, Brian fell into what would later become his own expertise when working at some of the hottest clubs and lounges to grace the nightlife scene in Los Angeles. After receiving his degree in Business from the Marshall School of Business in 2002, Toll struck out on his own to found BToll Entertainment, which acted as a full service hospitality firm to bring recognition to clubs, lounges, and events.

He later went on to form the h.wood Group in 2007 with former classmate John Terzian, which started strong with the introduction of the venue sport the Group’s own name. The Tea Room followed, housed in a converted storage space, which quickly became known as a one of the coolest LA nightlife places. The h.wood Group was later taken on to give a facelift to LA staple Las Palmas, which is still known among top clubs in the city. After various other successes including luxury products in beauty, tea, food, and even a late night taco stand, Toll chose to go ahead with the Bootsy Bellows venture, along with Arquette, Darren Dzienciol and Deborah Maguire.

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