United States: 323.604.6030

Boxxes Portland


Boxxes is portland’s original and most cutting edge gay dance club. We stay this way by having the largest and most experienced d.j. ensemble in portland’s gay nitelife scene. Musically themed nites range from hip-hop to electroclash, deep house to anthems while on other nites we give you the steady dose of the newest dance re-mixes you love. The only two-in-one club in the city, as Boxxes has the Redcap Garage connected to it, gives you, the guest, the experience of two dance floors with different d.j.’s hitting you up with their own destinctive styles. So come in and get lost on a Saturday nite with the largest crowd of hot boys in town or come see us and belt out some of your favorite tunes on 30k karaoke wednesdays. BOXXES, “We truly have something for everyone” _