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Bridgetown Grill and Bar Atlanta


Bridgetown Grill invites you to stray a bit from the ordinary and add some flavor to your day. Our laid back, but attentive service with our one of a kind offerings creates a relaxing, good-time atmosphere that will help you lose your worries in no time.

At Bridgetown Grill, we don’t pretend to be authentic; we just prepare great food by starting with the basics, and then giving them our Caribbean twist. Foods you know and love like chicken, shrimp, pork, rice and beans all gain new life when we add our special spices, rubs and marinades.

So, whether you’re looking for a break from your day, or a break from the ordinary, come join us at Bridgetown Grill for a taste of the islands. Enjoy our great food. Sip one of our special island drinks. Relax. Stay awhile. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself and want to come back again and again.

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