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Buffalo Club Vancouver



The Buffalo Club is proud to bring you one of the best months of Rock this city has seen. Check out this months listings on The Buff’s myspace

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The Buffalo Club is located in the heart of Vancouver’s night life: Granville St. We’re a rock ‘n’ club with a large stage, live music and a friendly crowd. Jeans, t-shirts or short skirts pack our large open dance floor. We have live music 6 nights a week: see “Tonight We Ride Below” for what we do on the seventh day. That’s right! We’re open seven days a week! Every Friday and Saturday we have a variety of talented bands opening up the night (see show listings). Our rock cover bands take the stage @ 10:30 and keep the crowd dancing till 3:00am with everything from Sublime to The Killers, to Rage Against the Machine. Our DJs also spin some dance hits in between the rock sets, from JT to Billie Jean. Weekdays vary: we have Metal Mondays for all you Metal/Grindcore/Hardcore fans. The rest of the weeks shows vary from rock/alternative/powerpop/screamo/emopunk/progressive/classic rock/acoustic/psychobilly/columbian rock/ska to a lil folk rock.

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