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Buona Notte Montreal


On a street laced with numerous trendy modern Italian restaurants Buona Notte is a phenomenon. Although, it used to differentiate itself with an industrial-chic interior a recent facelift camouflaged its history, and likened its identity to the imitators. The contemporary interior is polished and modern with an excellent sound system exercising the right beats. The ambiance differs progressively throughout the week, chill to crazy. The small dance floor provokes the crowd to mount the chairs and tables and loose their inhibitions. The crowd is a medley of members from the fashion, film, and music industry, in effect, attractive and stylish. Buona prides itself on an outstanding wine list featuring only Italian wines; many famous patrons, who’s autographed plates adorn the restaurant’s back wall, have been lured by the available selection of Barolo’s. Buona’s reputation is not due to its menu, but rather the promise of an entertaining night; this is a Montreal hot spot.

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DJ Enferno (6/13/2010) @ Buona Notte
Buona Notte, Montreal
DJ Frank Delour (6/11/2010) @ Buona Notte
Buona Notte, Montreal