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Burnsville Performing Arts Center Minneapolis


Burnsville Performing Arts Center

The Burnsville Performing Arts Center is located at 12600 Nicollet Ave in the Heart of the City. This new complex opened in January, 2009. The center has two theatres, a 1000 seat Proscenium Stage and an intimate 150 seat Black Box.

The lobby is two stories tall, all glass, with a sweeping view of Nicollet Commons Park, the Minnesota River Valley, and the Minneapolis skyline.

In addition to the theatres, the Center has a 2000 sq. ft. art gallery, meeting rooms and a large rehearsal room.

There is additional space for banquets, special events and receptions.

Presentations at the Burnsville PAC will range from classical music to comedy, from jazz to Christian rock, from country to rock and roll. There will be dramas, comedies, local arts organizations and national touring artists. There is something for everyone at the BPAC.