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Cactus Jacks Saloon & Dancehall Kamloops

Cactus Jacks Nightclub is Kamloops’ premier venue for live music, entertainment and dancing, bringing the hottest acts to Kamloop’s every weekend. You know those nights when all you want to do is be in a cool, relaxed environment listening to good music with a drink in your hand? Cactus Jacks hits all those points and has an awesome stage, lighting and music scene to make shows the high quality experience they should be. Whether you need to see the band who is playing or just looking for a night out on the town to really party Cactus Jacks has something for you.

Music acts are the heart and soul of Cactus Jacks. Just about every type of genre is put on display, as long as they are powerful acts that can deliver. Who are some guests that have graced the stage so far? Sleepy Tom has played his “genre-busting” beats, Fefe Dobson has belted out her ballads, Bear Mountain has made the crowd dance to their electronica/indie. And don’t think the best days have past; Cactus Jacks solidifies its reputation as one of the hottest spots to see live music in town with every show.

Cactus Jacks isn’t only about live music. Any night is cause for some sort of party. Want a silly drinking game to get your weekend started early? Hipster Bingo sounds like the event for you. Heavy drinker? The Wizard Staff party is probably your gig (you know, where you tape your beers together to form your very own magical walking stick?). For a sexier feel, reggae and dancehall night heats up the dance floor to no end with your best moves you learned from youtube.

Cactus Jacks isn’t a one time gig. This party spot is the place to be every weekday or weekend, be it for drinks, dancing, live shows or just a cool place to hang out with friends. Get on the guestlist now or buy tickets to the next event! We dare you to not have a good time.