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Cafe Circa Atlanta

Cafe Circa

This building, originally built in 1903 as Dannemans Grocery, was a vacant eyesore to the community since 2001, but has been resurrected and is now a beautiful eye-catching restaurant-bar-lounge lining the streets of this historic area. 

As you drive down Edgewood Avenue from any direction you come upon a beacon of life in the middle of the night as you spot the exterior lights of Café Circa, which clearly lets you know that this place is definitely existent on Edgewood. Once you enter through the large glass doors of Café Circa you will immediately be drawn into an openly warm and welcoming atmosphere that comfortably accommodates a true dining and lounging experience suitable for business meetings, casual luncheons, happy hour social gatherings, weekend book clubs, listening parties, a date night, and even late night snacking at the midnight hour.

With over 100+ seating capacity, Café Circa has the seating arrangement to complement any restaurant, bar, and lounge experience. 

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