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Cafe Citron Washington DC

This party bar & restaurant with the citrus name and Latino flavor specializes in mojitos and caipahrinas both wonderful party drinks. You must try them, but be forewarned they have a heavy kick. And that kick will get the party going as the DJ spins the best in Latin music all night long!

Cheery lemon-and-lime walls, muted lighting and Latin music welcome you as you enter Cafe Citron. This bar/restaurant with the sunny name and Latino edge has brought mojitos and caipirinhas to Dupont Circle — and none too early at that. Downstairs you’re greeted by a long bar to the left, dining tables to the right and the swish of ceiling fans revolving far overhead. Climb up the narrow staircase at the back of the room to the cozy balcony crammed with comfortable, if battered, couches softly lit by faint, romantic candlelight. Enjoy your evening with that special someone and celebrate those special moments at Cafe Citron. This is VIP all the way with the best staff and service.

The menu offers many tempting Latin American dishes, but if you’re not here to eat, the upstairs is the place to be. Chatting can be difficult, even in the closeness, due to the rising voices of diners below. Plus, you get a view of the whole place, making this a perfect people-watching spot.

Although the cafe hosts live Latin music a few nights per week, don’t expect to show off your salsa steps. This is strictly a listeners only place as there is simply no room for a dance floor.

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Cafe Citron Fridays (2/3/2012) @ Cafe Citron
Cafe Citron, Washington DC