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Cafe De Paris London


The Caf De Paris re-opened in 1996 amid a flurry of global publicity. It immediately became the place to be seen once again attracting A-list celebrities and Londons infamously transitory in-crowd on a previously unheralded basis of regularity. The hippest awards ceremoniesfrom MTV to GQ to The Britshave all chosen Caf as their venue of preference in the last few years as have major catwalk designers during London Fashion Week and the worlds biggest celebrities when they wish to throw lavish parties.

High profile events are attracted to a high profile venue and despite the increasingly competitive market place in London, Caf De Paris has managed to attract some of the biggest parties of the last few years. When the worlds best selling recording artist Puff Daddy wished to celebrate the European release of his new album, he chose to do so at the Caf. When Sony wished to celebrate 20 years of the Walkman, so did they. Prince wanted to throw a secret gig for the elite fewhe got on stage at the Caf. From the James Bond party to the Vivienne Westwood catwalk show to the Spice Girls party to Lennox Lewis celebrating his world titles, the Caf De Paris is without doubt leading the field.

The club division of the Caf De Paris has enjoyed similar success. The combination of an in-house promotional team with the best external promoters that the UK has to offer have maintained Cafs position as one of the most desirable places for party people to attend. Finding its niche in an overly competitive environment, Caf De Paris has consistently appealed to the glamorous and affluent end of the market. Regularly holding events from some of the most cutting edge promotional teams allows Caf to sustain a credible edge while still catering for the more flamboyant and extravagant arm of the London party scene on regular evenings. In an often fickle and transitory world, the Caf has cemented a place in the London night scene.