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Cafe Saint-Ex Washington DC

Cafe Saint-Ex

This genuine neighborhood restaurant, named after Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the French aviator and author of “The Little Prince”, is a sophisticated venue with aviation-themed art and a laid back atmosphere. Our dishes are inspired by modern American cuisine with subtle notes of quirkiness, made with only the freshest ingredients available locally whenever possible. Dishes like our fried green tomato BLT, succulent hamburger made with locally grown beef, roasted beet salad, and carrot cake for dessert are among many customer favorites. Saint Ex serves as a meeting place for locals, whether it be for the wide selection of beer at the bar, djs in Gate 54, or for a bite to eat on the quaint outdoor patio during the warm weather seasons.

When Café Saint Ex opened in 2003, the inspiration for the venue was founded on the owner’s affection for Europe. From his collection of photographs of Europe, and his keen eye to detail, he incorporated some of the most admirable qualities of other intercontinental cafes into Saint Ex. Its exceptional food, quality beer offerings, and laid back atmosphere have made it a popular local gathering spot.Our longstanding commitment to our neighborhood has given us many opportunities to work with local communities, schools, and the arts. In addition, our dedication to fresh produce, and non-industrialized farming supports our local farmer’s market and farms