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California College of Arts and Crafts San Francisco


An arts education has never been more valuable than it is today. In these extraordinary times, visual communication has an increasingly important influence on the global community. Artists, architects, and designers are pivotal to the very shape of our future.

When you choose to pursue an education in the arts, you have a chance to combine your creative drive with rigorous study, to stretch your thinking and hone your skills. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to explore our changing world and to find a vital role in it.

At CCAC we believe art can make a positive difference in the world and that learning about the world will contribute to the expansion and deepening of the arts. We offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that balances tradition with innovation; that combines theory and practice; and that connects art, design, and architecture with each other and with the important issues of our society. At CCAC, your studies will be both broad and deep, and you will discover and rediscover the relevance of everything you have learned through daily application.

Creativity and education intersect with culture and society in an exciting community of learning at the College. The Bay Area is bursting with cultural energy, and CCAC’s campuses in Oakland and San Francisco offer lively, diverse environments in which to interact with others who share your passion. Our world-class faculty of practicing artists, architects, and designers are dedicated to providing you with the tools, knowledge, and resources that will help you find your own path to success.

I invite you to join CCAC and be part of this dynamic community!

Michael S. Roth


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