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Calle Ocho New York


Named for Miami’s main Cuban thoroughfare, Calle Ocho (“”8th Street””) has received rave reviews for both its cuisine and its décor, created by world-famous architect & designer Jeffrey Beers.

As you enter the bar area, the distressed brick, period ceiling fans, and colored art glass capture your eye. Along through the hallway is the main dining room that “”undulates with festive artwork”” (DigitalCity) and features a “”spectacular Caribbean sunset diorama with a bell-curved louvered ceiling, huge lampshades swooping down like gulls, and banquettes that curve through the room like waves along the gulf”” (New York Magazine).”

“New York Magazine restaurant reviewer Hal Rubenstein noted in his glowing review of Calle Ocho that the appetizers “”are expertly seductive.”” So, why not begin your evening by being seduced? From 10:30 – 11:45, enjoy a selection of Chef Giovanni Ventura’s appetizers, including:

Anticuchos (skewers) of Beef
Anticuchos (skewers} of Chicken
Empanadas with Bacalao
Mille Hojs – Spinach and Manchego in Phyllo
Salmon Tiraditos
Almond Bread with
Mushroom Escabeche
Crabmeat Hand Rolls
Empanadas with Mushroom
At midnight, we’ll raise a Champagne Toast to 2005, and the appetizer stations will be transformed to offer a selection of desserts (these were amazing last year) including Assorted Cookies, Individual Tartes, Domino Cake and Fruit Empanadas.”

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