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Canad Inns Stadium Winnipeg

Canad Inns Stadium

Canad Inns Stadium is Winnipeg’s largest capacity outdoor entertainment facility, and has been a part of the city’s landscape for over five decades. Canad Inns Stadium – An venue like no other.Located in one of the city’s busiest shopping and entertainment districts, the stadium is conveniently ten minutes east of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, and ten minutes west of the famed Portage and Main intersection in the heart of Winnipeg’s downtown.

Canad Inns Stadium has successfully hosted audiences in excess of 50,000 people at major concerts such as The Rolling Stones and U2, and most recently the 2006 Grey Cup, Canada’s largest annual sporting event. The stadium also has the versatility to stage more intimate events such as weddings, conferences and bar mitzvahs. The Winnipeg Sun Centre, The Free Press Alumni Lounge, The Chairman’s Lounge and of course the turf itself are some of the areas within the facility that you may choose to utilize, making an ordinary event, extraordinary.

Major overhauls, improvements and renovations have turned this once simple football stadium into a multi-purpose venue with 30,000 permanent seats, and the conversion capability to increase seating to 50,000+, making it the optimum host for a wide variety of events.Winnipeg Sun Centre In 2006 alone, improvements to the stadium bowl included a state of the art sound system as well as ultra modern production enhancements to the Jumbotron. Improved signage throughout the facility, and extensive painting and renovations to the concourse area and meeting spaces enhance the overall experience.

The passion for Blue Bomber football is absorbed in the timeless structure of Canad Inns Stadium. Even when the stadium is completely empty the roar of the crowd can still be heard by true Blue Bomber Fans.