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Canvas San Francisco


Our Mission

The Canvas Gallery is devoted to the support and promotion of rising artists, as well as the surrounding community. The space features progressive and affordable art amidst an independent cafe/lounge setting. The gallery showcases emerging artists with a focus on traditional painting, photography, and mixed media installation and design. We also strive torwards supporting local talent in the music and entertainment fields during our nightly activities, which take place seven days per week

During your visit, relax on our open air patio or dine indoors surrounded by the gallery’s fabulous collection. For after hours, recline on the plush sofas and enjoy a cocktail or a late-night coffee. There is something happening every night so plan on staying late. From electronic music to jazz night, spoken word to live band performances, The Canvas’ eclectic and open-minded environment is home ot the Bay Area’s best artists and performers in every flavor

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