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Caprice Nightclub – LED Bar Vancouver

Many years ago, LED bar used to be a separate, standalone venue knows as the Granville Room, but a few years ago as part of a major renovation is was changed from a lounge/bar into a club, and is now fully accessible from Caprice Nightclub (on Fridays and Saturdays).  It can be considered a separate, unique room as part of your weekend clubbing experience at Caprice, or on weeknights it’s a standalone smaller, intimate nightclub all on its own.  While LED bar is quite small in terms of capacity, the impressive L.E.D visuals panels, powerful sound system and big open dance floor give it an impressive big club feel.  The LED light show extends from the DJ booth and wraps around the entire dance floor, illuminations with 16 million colours to mesmerize your senses.


LED is home to great Vancouver DJ’s, 7 days a week.  Located in the middle of the Granville clubbing district, it’s a regular stop for professional bar stars and tourists alike.  To find out more about LED’s big brother the Caprice Nightclub Vancouver, click here.

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