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Caprice Nightclub

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The Caprice Nightclub is an elegant, spacious and multi level venue. The nightclub's main level encompasses a long backlit main bar, large open dance floor, elevated DJ booth and the brand new private VIP lounge. The second level mezzanine provides a spacious view of the dance floor with its own large bar and cozy seating areas, perfect for ordering food and cocktail drinks with friends. Early in the evening, you'll hear plenty of R & B music and top 40 hits, followed later on by the incredible sound system combined with our state of the art 30 light show, allowing patrons to dance to live sounds from music videos on numerous plasmas throughout the club. A former movie theater, the Caprice Nightclub has been beautifully renovated into an exciting 10,000 square foot state of the art urban gem. Since opening its doors 4 years ago, the Caprice continues to be the a leader in the city's nightlife, becoming a favorite spot for special events ranging from local charitable fundraisers to big international DJ sets.