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Carson City Saloon Pittsburgh


The building started out as the German Savings and Loan in 1892. With tons of renovations, it is now Carson City Saloon. A place to meet good people, with good food, good drink prices, and good music. Our signature drink is Call-A-Cab which consists of about 64oz of rum, and is designed for more than one person. DJ’s Dales and RedHot host the wildest party Pittsburgh has ever seen. They even have a pully system that goes behind the bar so they don’t have to leave the DJ booth (which is suspended 12ft above the crowd) and concentrate on keeping the crowd energized. Each booth has an LCD TV as well as 5 47" plasma TV throught the venue. They even have a private room that is available for you to rent out and throw your own party with another 47" Plasma. The sound system was designed by Bose Corp. and sounds just amazing.