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Casbah Nightclub Atlantic City

Though it’s one of our TOP 100 CLUBS, “experience” would better describe Casbah. Atlantic City’s first megaclub, Casbah sees major traffic (2,200 per night in winter, twice that in the summer), but treats each patron as though the night’s events are tailor-made.

The ceiling is virtually invisible, existing somewhere in the stratosphere and providing fly space from everything from superb lighting effects to dancer cages.

“People are in this business to sell beverages,” Manager Tommy D’Arcangelo says. “We’re here to sell a great time.” Their product is the best on the market, too, with the list of celebrity sightings a mile long. The reason for this is simple, D’Arcangelo says “We have great service, great music, great atmosphere.”

With the high-octane House and Hip-Hop driving the mood, guests can expect to leave Casbah dripping with sweat and thoroughly exhausted, if leaving this club happens to cross their mind.

Hardly anyone leaves this pleasure palace in Atlantic City without having a good time, but those who survive Casbah come away changed. “I’ve been very blessed to be associated with this bar,” D’Arcangelo says. The patrons have been blessed that this club is in existence. When guests come to Atlantic City looking for nightlife, they head over to the Casbah, the surest bet in Atlantic City.