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Ceili’s Modern Irish Pub South Surrey Vancouver

Members of Ceili’s Nation

We are your local sports and athletic teams
Who proudly wear Ceili’s Nation upon our jersey’s

We survived the Irish Car Bomb
More than once

We give back to the community
By hosting events for our favourite charities

We reap the benefits
Non- members only dream of

Shouting the word “Sociable”
Is a permanent part of our vocabulary

We celebrate our milestones and victories
By raising our glass to toast one another

It’s a place where our best memories
Are created and shared

We know our anthem off by heart
And sport our scarves with honour

We fly our flag high
We ARE Ceili’s Nation

Want to be part of something unforgettable?

Ceili’s Nation is a sense of community where everyone is tied together by great stories, good times & memories that have been created at Ceili’s Irish Pubs and Restaurants.

Engaged members of Ceili’s Nation will receive wicked perks that non- members only dream of. The only way reap these benefits is to become a member!

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