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Cellar Bar New York

Did you know the Majestic Bryant Park Hotel is also home to some of the best parties the New York City nightlife has to offer? Its Cellar Bar is one of the top locations to celebrate everything from your birthday to major holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve – so what’s holding you back from having the time of your life at this amazing venue?

With the most beautiful gothic-resembling décor in the Lower East Side as well as gorgeous lighting to kick off the celebratory mood every night, a great tapas menu and thematic cocktails, the ambiance in this place is otherworldly. Some of the classiest and biggest names in the Manhattan scene drop by regularly to get the party going in this amazing spot!

The sexy environment, beautiful crowd and amazing music will definitely help you set the tone for a night you and your entire party squad will remember for the rest of your life. Have a low-key celebration with your most exclusive clique and feel like the entire world is yours in this beautiful lounge and nightclub, all while dancing to the great mixes our DJs have to offer.

Enjoy the dual experience the Cellar Bar has to offer, whether it’s the top nightclub around during the busiest nights to a more chill lounge when you’re in the mood for some drinks and relaxing in the middle of the week.

Whether you’re looking for a night of partying or some happy hour great times with your coworkers and friends, the Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel is definitely the place to be, with cheap drinks and beautiful waitresses. Don’t miss out!

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