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Cello Supper Club London

Cello is a lifestyle

It is entertainment dining at its finest. Its location is ideal, its architecture stunning and the possibilities it allows for are diverse yet all related to a glamorous lifestyle concept.

Within Cello Supper Club walls lies a particular atmosphere, an invitation to adhere to a social dining concept with simple but stylish architecture and magical cuisine. The night will be complete once your soul dances to the soothing sounds of our resident dj spinning your favorites.

The mood is definitely set in order for the present moments to be savoured and the patrons to indulge in the cuisine of our highly appraised culinary team.

Cello Supper Club will be Londons prominent nightspots in every possible perspective. The location was choosen at the edge of downtown, in the new and upcoming entertainment sector of the city. The three-tier building stands tall with its subtle exterior and soothing interior.

Never before has London been able to pride itself in featuring a true supper club.

A stunning space ideal for corporate gatherings and exclusive artistic events, Allow us to introduce you to Cello Supper Club, the only supper club located in the heart of London.

Featuring gourmet fusion cuisine, striking contemporary stylish dcor, and exquisite service, Cello Supper Club provides a social experience appealing to all senses. Nestled in the very center of Londons business community, Cello Supper Club caters to a wide range of corporate clients and mature trendy professionals.

Photo galleries

Little Black Dress Event (4/1/2011) @ Cello Supper Club
Cello Supper Club, London
Cotton Candy and Champagne Weekend (03/18/2011) @ Cello Supper Club
Cello Supper Club, London