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Central, The Seattle


Venue History
The Central Saloon, established in 1892, is Seattle’s oldest Saloon and is located in the heart of the historic Pioneer Square district. The Central in it’s time, has also been a cafe, a post office, an employment hall, a card room and bar, and a brothel. The dumbwaiter that served the downstairs brothel is still here on the north wall. When Henry Yesler’s lumber mill shut down and “skid road” became known more for its bawdy bars and red-light hotels, Pioneer Square became the refuge of winos, dinos, dingbats and the occasional aristocrat. Seattle’s “Fat Tuesday” was conceived here.

Past Musical Talent

Many of the rock-n-roll bands now known internationally for Seattle’s “grunge sound” first played to packed houses here at The Central, including Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden.
For the under-aged, The Central holds a mysterious intrigue, as it has long been rumored to be the hardest club to get into in Seattle if you’ve yet to hit the magic 21.

Weekly Details
We are open 365 nights a year, with live original music every night. On Monday nights it’s all about metal, Tuesday’s all about punk and the rest of the week is a good mix of rock, roll, and ska.
For those who love to ride, Thursday night is biker night, and anyone arriving on two wheels gets free admission.
Happy Hour, everyday at 3:00, should not be missed, some of the cheapest drinks and eats around. And speaking of eats, we don’t serve just the typical bar fare here. In addition to great burgers, we serve delicious and creative sandwiches and salads, and have a good number of vegetarian items.

The Central is a member of Clubstamp, which currently includes 5 clubs. Pay cover here, and you can bar hop around Pioneer Square all night.

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