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Centrifuge Las Vegas

Come in for a round or two. At Centrifuge, you’ll groove to progressive beats. Bask in an ultra-modern metropolitan vibe. Savor signature fruit-infused cocktails. Drink in mesmerizing dance performances – both choreographed and freestyle. It’s a new spin on nightlife.

What makes it maximum Vegas?

Fruit-infused cocktails

Progressive music scene

Professional dance performances

When the MGM Grand reintroduced legendary nightclub Studio 54 to a new generation of disco-loving party people, it was strategically placed to be close to Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip), but its location within the gargantuan casino was arbitrary, located between the family-friendly Rainforest Cafe and the equally tame Lion Habitat attraction. Outside the club’s entrance were a circular slot room and a stage for Vegas lounge acts. Despite the club’s popularity, the area surrounding it never made much sense, especially as the powers at the MGM Grand loaded the Studio Walk area on the opposite corner of the resort with hip restaurants and bars.

With the opening of Centrifuge, the MGM Grand finally has resolved this paradox. As the focal point of the casino’s “entertainment neighborhood,” the rows of slots have been replaced with a slick, circular bar and lounge, which joins neighbors such as the newly remodeled Sports Book, the Poker Room and, of course, Studio 54.

Gone are the bells and whistles of the one-armed bandits. Now, remixed Top 40, hip-hop and techno music thumps from Centrifuge as multiple plasma screens pulse and swirl with the type of psychedelic images you’d expect to see inside a nightclub. A giant glowing structure atop the center of the bar continuously spins, changing colors and the mood of the bar. And at night, the staff mounts the bar and raised platforms to perform freestyle and choreographed dance numbers.

This is the perfect bar to start — or put an end to — a night of gambling, dancing or just good ol’ people-watching. It’s closed off enough to be secluded from the surrounding casino but features an open, stepped-up design to allow patrons to see and be seen. Outfitted with a diversity of seating options, including the main center bar, two additional bar tops and a good number of plush love seats and chairs for table service, Centrifuge can be whatever you make of it.

Aside from the typical $200-$300 bottles of premium liquor and $5-$6 beers, Centrifuge features unique drink concoctions, taking specialty cocktails from each of MGM Grand’s signature restaurants, infusing them with fruit and displaying the innovative drinks around the bar in Louis Treize baccarat crystal bottles. Spirits include the Kentucky Peach, served with peach-infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon, peach nectar, fresh sour and ginger ale, and the Frida, with strawberry pineapple-infused Patron tequila, lime and Citronage.

Source: PJ Pérez at vegas.com

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