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Cherry Las Vegas



Cherry is the swank new nightclub at the swank new Red Rock Resort & Casino.

Its warm, red atmosphere beckons visitors from the moment they enter the club – through a red-lit, mirrored tube that directs them past the circle bar and to the club’s heart.

The red theme is repeated throughout Cherry, reflecting both the names of the club and the property, as well as bringing the outside in. Wood has been used extensively, and even the highly polished metal cocktail tables mimic the natural formations in Red Rock Canyon.

Red leather coats the walls and sandy brown leather covers the banquettes, tooled with patterns that call to mind Paiute petroglyphs. Overhead, the same tribal imagery is repeated in red, back-lit designs.

Inside are 15 to 20 VIP areas, each with a curtain that can be used to expand the real estate or keep things nice and cozy. The VIP couches are a mix of leather and suede in desert tones. And this being Vegas, the now de rigueur stripper pole is present.

Cherry also opens to the outside, thanks to an entire glass wall engineered to fold into the club’s sides. Outside is a big fire pit with a centered water feature, another island bar, eight cabanas that also feature curtains and 10 rotating day beds big enough to fit four, with walls that can be raised. Raised above the hotel’s pool, a second gently arching pool and deck serve up spectacular desert views. While inside the speakers are on display, Sound Investment has gone to pains to disguise them outside, including hiding speakers inside banquettes. Weekly pool parties take place Saturday and Sunday.

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Red Rock Glow Party (6/30/2012) @ Cherry
Cherry, Las Vegas