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Cheyenne Grille Atlanta


Cheyenne Grille

Where the Great Plains of the Midwest meets the canyons and deserts a historic and rugged tradition was born. Big Sky country called to the cattle ranchers and from those homesteads grew the myth of the great American Cowboy.

Cowboys were rugged men driving steer across the open plains, through the deserts to the centers of commerce. These men took with them their own food and from their travels grew a unique cuisine. Chuck Wagons and the inventive cooks that manned them kept the Cowboys fed on the open range.

Taking our cue from the creative cooks of those legendary days, Cheyenne Grille melds the influences of traditional American cooking from the east coast, with the unique flavors of the Southwest and the ‘meat and potatoes’ simplicity of the Midwest to create a unique dining experience.

We hope you enjoy our culinary tribute to the flavors that beckon to a simpler time and honor an era where rugged tenacity was heralded as the ultimate virtue.

Featuring a full-service bar with over 20 beers on tap and over 40 televisions, Cheyenne Grille is a great place to stop for a quick on-the-go lunch, a delicious dinner, or a place to hang out and watch your favorite sporting event. No matter what your favorite is, The Grille’s Got Your Game!