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Chill Winston Vancouver


CONCEIVED OVER FOIE GRAS I know! Our fantasy too! But in this case, were talking about an idea. Chill Winston was borne of a passion for food; the experience of food. The experience of sharing food with friends. The two are, quite simply, base ingredients for life and go very well together. Those ingredients have bee sauteed to perfection and served up to anyone whos hungry in the form of a lounge called Chill Winston. Come eat. Eat well. And do so with friends. CHEF JOHN JESTEN Your Master-of-Sharp-Things is John Jesten. John welcomes you to saddle up to the bar at his island kitchen, designed specifically to offer lovers-of-food a taste of the process … although, really, Ill bet the process doesnt taste as good as the finished product! MANY MANY GLASSES OF WINE LATER … We have endeavoured to build one of the most adventurous wine list in Vancouver. You see, we like wine. And we like it non-pretentious and not-overpriced. Come drink some wine. Enjoy it for the meal-maker it is, but moreso for the social-maker it has always been. And tell us what you think! AND A BRANDY OR TWO … Winston hired some of the finest barkeeps looking for work that day. Jokes aside, come sit at their bar; youll not find greater crew in the city. Theyll treat you well, teach you new things, and make you a seriously perfect cocktail. Were lucky to have them. AND A BEER. Bottles and pints of only the finest. We tasted them all. I think. Cant remember, actually.

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