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Chillers Night Club Orlando

Chillers is a Key West-style party bar specializing in distinctive Frozen Drinks. These drinks are created by an expert team of experienced “Mixologists” and are hand-blended with pride.

The dcor of Chillers invokes a charming tropical hideaway, designed to inspire a laid back atmosphere. The beautiful faux roof perched atop the bar is reminiscent of a Key West bungalow, and the fusion of tropical colors mixed with light wood creates a relaxing and inviting impression. Tongue-in-cheek warning signs cautioning the potentcy of Chillers’ frozen drinks add humor to the walls, along with photographs of partygoers of the past and present. Lighthearted Key West-inspired artwork covers the walls of the dance floor, as well as the upstairs balcony. With over 15 Flat-Screen TVs, a state-of-the-art sound system and an intelligent light show, Chillers is the perfect location to have some drinks and dance until morning.

Behind the bar, Chillers proudly showcases the Famous Wall of Frozen Drinks. Perhaps the most well-known – and consumed – of these celebrated concoctions is The Suicide. With five liquors and five fruit juices, you have never before experienced a frozen drink like this.

Touting a history of dancing and debauchery that has spanned more than a decade, crowds that have experienced the longest running party in Orlando will accept no substitute. Whether its the great DJs, wild Drinking Games, unique Frozen Drinks, legendary Specials, or the Chillers Hot Bar Staff, Chillers is everything you’re looking for.