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Cirqus Toronto

There is a new kid in party town, Oakville Ontario. Welcome to CIRQUS – the newest Friday and Saturday night hotspot. With the recently renovated facility, which houses up to 1500 party lovers in one awesome night out, and the biggest outdoor patio in the Greater Toronto Area, the weekend bursts with the best of life inside the walls of CIRQUS Nightclub and Lounge. You’ve never seen nightlife like this.

This massive club mixes grungy nyc loft style, with its exposed brick and legendary size, with wild circus inspired decor, including gorgeous hanging bodies doing tricks above your head. Don’t forget to look up because the fun is just as much in the air as it is on the pulsing dance floor below. Combine with a state of the art light show and sound system and there is no better or newer club out there.

Events are an every weekend affair, with different themes and specials highlighted each night. Come out for a Girls Night Out, where ladies are free until 12AM or snag a bottle special, like the $100 for a Grey Goose to share amongst your crew. Expect the absolute best music from top Toronto DJs and guests that will have you talking about “the best night ever”.

Maybe its your birthday, or some lucky girl has a bachelorette party to get over with. Whatever your occasion, be it special or just an ever-necessary release after a hard week, CIRQUS knows just what you need. Whether you want VIP bottle service or to get wild on the dance floor CIRQUS won’t leave without an exhausted smile on their face from a night of good, hard partying.

Get on the guest list and join the beautiful people at CIRQUS every Friday or Saturday night at its location inside the AMC Theater Plaza and get a taste for the good life. We promise you won’t want to be anywhere else.

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Cirque Saturdays (3/29/2014) @ Cirqus
Cirqus, Oakville
Cirque Saturdays (3/22/2014) @ Cirqus
Cirqus, Oakville