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club 152 on beale Memphis


I love this place. The atmosphere is awesome. It’s right in the middle of Beale Street. It has three levels of excitment with a dance floor on each level, a small patio, pool tables and oh yea an elevator for those of you that get too drunk that you cant walk up the stairs!. The first level has live music and the break music is kinda ealry nineties and lower with DJ, the second level plays the “now” music and has DJ and the third level is a more techno style DJ. The bartenders and hostesses are great and the people dance like crazy. Not hard to find someone to dance with if your boyfriend/girlfriend doesnt want to…oh cant forget the bouncers, they are awesome too! Just dont get drunk and use the wrong bathroom cuz you will get kicked out…learned this from experience! 🙂 I would recommend this place to anyone. I go there pretty much every saturday night.

Here is a caption from Beale Street.com about 152:

If you’re walking down Beale on a Saturday night and see a huge line forming in the middle of the street, chances are they’re gearing up for downtown’s premier party palace for techno, house and alternative dance music. The crowded club caters to the younger kids, offering live music from some of the hottest local bands, namely Nation, The Plaintiffs, Venus Mission and others. DJ David the Worm’s featured on weeknights or late nights. Growing too big to accommodate all of the beautiful people trying the enter the doors, Club 152 has now opened up two extra floors, complete with bars, dance floors and pool tables. If you’re willing to cough up the cash, rent a private party room. They’re plush. Truly the hot spot for those party people searching for late night grooves, Club 152 rocks ’til near morning.