Club Addiction Ottawa

Club Addiction is downtown Gatineau’s hottest party spot, just minutes away from Ottawa! The nightclub features some of the best music in town, attractive clientele, and an inviting party vibe that everyone enjoys! Since it opened its doors in 2001 it has been drawing in party goers from local and surrounding areas as it became one of the last remaining venues on the historic Promenade du Portage strip, known for its amazing nightclub and bar scene since the early 1970s.

The venue has revolutionized nightlife in Ottawa and Gatineau and changed how the area parties. Club Addiction features 2 huge projectors and 12 massive screens around the bar. The club boasts top of the line sound and with all of the screens it can put on an amazing light show! A modern draping system can transform the club’s big room into a smaller and more intimate environment that’s perfect for VIP and Bottle Service! Every Tuesday night the club features some of the most hilarious stand up comedy in the city! No matter what the occasion, Club Addiction is one of the best places in Gatineau for any sort of evening!

The club attracts a wide variety of party goers including students, service industry professionals, white collar workers, and much more! No matter where you’re coming from, Club Addiction is the premier nightlife spot to meet some new faces, dance to amazing music, and sip on delicious drinks on your next night out!

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Club Addiction, Ottawa
Saturday Night Addiction (12/19/2009) @ Club Addiction
Club Addiction, Ottawa