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Club Angels Ultra Lounge San Jose

Club Angels Ultra Lounge

Angels nightclub in downtown San Jose is a slick representation of the ultra lounge phenomenon sporting two bars, an expansive dance floor and some of the best local San Jose DJ talent spinning deep house, dub, funk, electronica, top 40 and hip-hop for its teeming masses of hip clubbers. Of course for the well-heeled posh set, Angels ultra lounge has the requisite velvet roped VIP sections scattered throughout the club where imbibers so inclined can kick back with private bottle service while scanning over the crowd to see which hottie they want to make a play on or just chill out after tearing it up on the dance floor.

Clubbers not going for the full limo ride VIP treatment at Angles nightclub in San Jose are still bequeathed something above and beyond a normal night out. First, the DJs manning the decks really thrown down some serious beats and its not youre everyday mix tape noise like back in the day; these spinners have it and the scene dancers shaking their junk know it. Secondly, theres the eye candy. Angels club in downtown San Jose not only bills itself as the ultralounge, but as a cabaret: meaning dancers, and hot ones at that. Cmon girls decked out in satin lingerie and faux wings swingin on swings; how can you go wrong? Oh yeah, the club masses dressed to impress at this hot San Jose club aint bad to look at either.