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Club La Boom

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Come ready to dance at the of the country's, and the world's, best DJs spin their music at La Boom for unforgettable nights of ear pounding party-living. Dress to impress and mingle with Montreal's sexy people, or come a little more causal with your friends to dance, party and celebrate what ever you feel! With so many events, party rooms, and music to choose from you'll keep coming back! Divided into four intricately designed based on three separate and well thought out concepts... including The White Room, The Blue Room, The Red Room, and The Mega Silver Room. Each section of Club La Boom Montreal boasts its own unique decor and its own section of heart thumping music. Boasting a party palace capable of hosting a whopping 2000 party people!!! Club Laboom is already shaking the foundation of Montreal's Nightclub scene.
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