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Club ONE entered the Dance Club arena in 1991 at a time when the music and not so much the talent behind the music was important to the Dance Music scene. As one of the few surviving nightclubs in Dallas, Club ONE changed ownership in the fall of 2004. The new owners, knowing that the dance scene had become more about the talent and the music, chose to refresh, refurbish and improve on Club ONEs long standing tradition rather than attempting to create a new ONE. Not gONE but re-dONE!!! has been our theme.

Club ONE, as a venue, works with various promoters and groups, both straight and gay, to bring a variety of entertainment to our wide customer base. The ONE philosophy has always been that everyone is welcome (18+ with proper ID). With the production and maintenance of our web-site, we hope to keep our customer base well informed as to past events and up-coming events, so be sure to take a little time to browse while you are here.

Our music is DJ driven and in the past years, many well-known DJs have spun at Club ONE. It is known around the world for top quality sound and lighting. Under the new ownership alone we have hosted several top 20 DJs and our list will continue to grow with time. Check out our past parties section.

One of our guest DJs recently left a note for our Owners, it reads as follows

Id like to personally congratulate you on your enduring success as ONE (no pun intended) OFDALLAS PREMERE MUSIC VENUES. After a five year hiatus from the scene, it brings warm feelings to my heart to know that you still maintain the same entertainment philosophy/mission of placing the music first. I have always felt a renewed and, dare I say, a holistic and uplifting sense of peace every time I partake of the ONE EXPERIENCE. Please make this fact known to your guest DJS so they can come to have an appreciation for this unique and very special connection. MUSIC has the POWER to transform all the sorrows and transgressions in everyday life into the sublime, peaceful cohesion we have come to know as the ONE EXPERIENCE.

NEVER 4-GET THIS All my love and appreciation, Scott Strother

Our DJs feel the difference and so will you! Join us soon..for your favorite!

Our Customers have said..

“The crowd was very cool and the ladies were hot too.”

“Wow! What can I say? The place was packed and the vibe was thick as hell…”

“I’ve been waiting for years for a party like this….I’ve never seen so many people dancing as one!”

“Thanks to Full Access for doing it up again, and to ONE for continually hosting good talent. Ain’t a thing I don’t like about that place…”

“Club One looks great! My wife and I said this will probably be our future favorite club”

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