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Club Options Productions Hartford


Club Options, www.cluboptions.net, is mainly a promotions and marketing company, but we also have the occasional bash either at a club/bar, underground, or very exclusive events. The management team is local to the Hartford Area, but we’re often at shows and involved with shows in the tri-state area.

The company was created because we are partiers and had been planning our own parties for years at random clubs, and just negotiating discounts for our guests, and at some points we’d have over 200 people show up, and that was just through friends and not at all professionally attempting to promote.

Each member of the team has different interests, and goes to different types of events. They’ll let you know when, where, and what’s going on, and you may find they like a lot of the things you do. Each member has a unique following, and really it’s all about having fun and meeting new people, so that’s what we provide for you.

When we throw an event we aren’t in it for the money, actually we usually lose some. We’ve done raffles for large ticket items, had dancers, body artists, model, celebrities, and special guests that we don’t disclose in our promotions. Our events have great entertainment and the best drink specials we could possibly negotiate. We also keep tabs on our guests to see who seems to get out of hand, and we won’t invite them or let them in to our future events, all in an effort to keep the parties a good time for everyone and skip the BS you find at most places you go to party.