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Club Parking Montreal

Ouvert depuis octobre 2001, le Parking est le plus grand club gai à Montréal .

Night Club: Il est reconnu pour son système de son et d’éclairage d’une qualité exceptionnelle. Les Lundis, jeudis et dimanches le Nightclub est envahi par une clientèle mixte de jeunes branchés (gais, lesbiennes, bisexuels et hétéros), qui se déhanchent sur les rythmes house, électro et hip-hop. Les vendredis et samedis de nombreux événements spéciaux on lieu et des DJs de renommée internationale y sont invités(es). L’endroit par excellence pour trouver les plus beaux gars de la métropole !

Keeping clubbers paryting, dancing and cruising since October 2001, Club Parking is the biggest gay club in Montreal .

Nightclub: Is equipped with exceptional lighting and sound systems. Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays are swarming with a youthful trendy mixed crowd (gay/straight /bi). They let loose to the pounding electro, house and hip-hop rhythms. On Fridays and Saturday there alote of special events and international guest dj’s. The hottest guys in Montreal await you along with the best house DJs in the Village.

We are music-forward and vibe-oriented. House is the foundation upon which our club is built. We take part in the history of what house was and what house always will be – a source of union, expression and liberation. We are a haven for dancing without pretense. Blind to color, creed or orientation; our dynamic clientele merge in the name of music, giving life to an abundance of shared emotions. Uplifting and spiritual, we synchronize on the dance floor while simultaneously inscribing our erotic identities onto the beat. We don’t just push musical boundaries, we believe music has no boundaries.

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