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Club Six San Francisco

Get ready to dance — and sweat profusely

It posed as Manhattan, then split in two — kind of. San Francisco’s biggest underground hip-hop/house/world music dance club was recently featured in the movie version of the East Village–centered musical Rent (those fakers!), and then, in honor of its sixth anniversary, opened a new addition, The Dark Room, to better accommodate all the wild Sixth Street clubbers pouring through its portals.

Club Six 1998-2012. San Francisco’s most Legendary Underground Night Club / Art Gallery / Live Performance Space owned & operated by Angel Cruz

House Console
Allen & Heath GL3300 40/8/2 Mixing Console

DJ Booth (Front Room)
Turbosound TCS-35 2-Way Passive Monitor (2) Hafler Power Amp Technics SL-1200MK5 turntables (2) Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD players (2) Rane TTM-56 DJ Mixer Rane Serato Scratch

House Speakers (Front Room)
EAW JF80 ULTRA-COMPACT 2 WAY SPEAKER (main) Turbosound TCS-35 (fill) DJ Booth (Back Room) Mackie SRM450 Active DJ Monitors (4) Technics SL-1200MK5 turntables (2) Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD players (2) Allan & Heath Zone 02 Mixer

House Speakers (Back Room)
EAW DC6 2-way speaker (fill) EAW Subwoofer System SB250ZR (sub) JBL SR Series Dual 18” Subs (main) Microphones SHURE SM58-LC MIC (QTY 6) SHURE SM57-LC (QTY 4) SHURE BETA 57A (QTY 1) SHURE BETA87C (CARDIOID CONDENSER VOCAL MIC) (QTY 1) SHURE SKM109/SL (QTY 2) SHURE DMK57-52 (DRUM MIC KIT; 3 X SM57, 1 X BETA52, 3 X DRUM CLIPS) RADIAL JDI MONO (MONO PASSIVE DI)

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The Crossover (4/25/2008) @ Club Six
Club Six, San Francisco